Empty walls don’t make home. Spirit of color and vibes of passion must go into the space they hold within them. Come home to the feeling of warmth, love and energy. Walls filled with beautiful and meaningful art pieces add colors to your life and to everyone’s life who is visiting your home. Show that you care by building a comforting space for all.

“Blending different styles in an entirely new way.”

Blending different styles in an entirely new way, Swati Jain truly lives up to the motto "I live to create". Her works are interesting and evokes a strong sense of passion behind their creation. While each piece of art is unique, there's a clear relation between each work and one can find a myriad of treasures in each of them.
Anders Lundberg

This painting is a representation of an Indian couple.

The puppets dressed in tradition attire and the vibrant colors chosen in this painting, this is sure to add warmth to your room.

This is a symbol of love and admiration of couples for each other.

This mid-size painting is perfect for small as well as big spaces.

This is just not a painting or art piece, it is a story of life in the seas and oceans. It is a reflection of their environment, serenity and peaceful co-habitation.

This artwork in blue and green is sure to add grace to your walls.

This mid-size painting is perfect for small as well as big spaces.

The white blossoms oil painting is a perfect decor for your home, cozy places, office or hotels and restaurants.

The most natural looking show of light and shadow makes it a unique decorative art wok.

We have everything you need to bring vibrancy home.

“thought provoking painting”

I just loved the artwork titled "Ecstasy" The man in the painting just let himself go, lost in the trance of music. The opaque colors in the background captures something of the mystery and secretiveness of the feeling of ecstasy and the inner experience that it contains. Truly a wonderful and thought provoking painting.
Vicki Broberg

“Filled with inspiration, thoughtfulness and bright colors.”

All of Swati's work, whether it is videos, interviews, or paintings, is filled with inspiration, thoughtfulness and bright colors. She focuses on the beauty in life and in people. She can inspire anyone who see or listen to her to follow their dreams.
Ulrika Lindblom-Nilsson

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